We are now called ‘atlantisEVOLUTION’


We are glad that you have found us. If you are new to swinging, or if you have been in the lifestyle for many years, let us introduce ourselves. atlantisEVOLUTION is a great place to swing and enjoy your swinging lifestyle. We actively encourage great swinging relationships in a very positive environment. If you are new to swinging you will never feel out of control, our members are simply the best and they really do care about each other and they positively welcome new members.

You might best describe atlantisEVOLUTION as an Adult Nightclub, it’s a place where you can ‘meet, dance, have great swinging sex and chill’. In fact that has become somewhat of our mantra – meet – dance – sex – chill. Come to atlantisEVOLUTION and meet the best that swinging has to offer, Dance until your feet are sore, have amazing sex with amazing swingers, then chill, and do we mean c h i l l !!! in an atmosphere so relaxed that it’s quite positively de-stressing.

We have 11 years of experience serving the Swinging community.

Call Us – Text Us – Write To Us. But do get in touch. 🙂

07971 185 999

Cat and Tag XX


Address10 William Clowes Street Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, GBR
Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom ST6 3AP


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Alcohol Sold, Food Available, On Premises, Dance Floor, Fetish Room, Outside Area, Massage Area, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Smoking Area, Private Rooms, Private Lockers, All Inclusive, BYOB, Dark Room, Glory Hole


Mon Closed
Tue Closed
Wed Closed GreedyGrls Monthly SeeWebSite
Thu Closed FetishMonthly £10 perperson SeeWebSite
Fri 9pm – 3am 10 GBP FREE 30 GBP
Sat 9pm – 3am 25 GBP FREE SeeWebSite
Sun Closed
LifeTime Memberships are FREE for Singles and Couples (terms and conditions apply)


Rating: 10

We really love Atlantis Evolution, its the best club we have seen so far. Everyone is so relaxed and chilled, the hosts, Cat and Tag cannot do enough for you and the party’s are amazing. The club is undergoing some amazing transformations and new areas and rooms are being introduced, continuous improvement keeps it fresh. Anyone who has not been yet should! You will be back-again and again!

Nov 7 2011 2:43PM

Rating: 10

Just to keep people in the loop . . .

Atlantis Club is NOT closing – Ed’ and Maureen have retired – and CatFlap and Snappy are it’s new owners and hosts. From Sunday 30th may 2010.

The brand new website is at: http://atlantisevolution.co.uk/ and though the club will develop it will not change from the format that you know and love.

Atlantis has become famous for it great nite out feel. We will be enhancing that experience with a rolling programme of great events, including SDC Parties.

If you have ever been to the club you will know us – CatFlap and Snappy – already. We are easy going, party party and we welcome EVERYBODY into the club and the swinging lifestyle.

Our link at SDC is here >>> http://www.swingersclublist.com/atlantisEVOLUTION-3918.html

See you all there.

Snappy and CatFlap XX

May 28 2010 5:44AM

Rating: 10

So friendly and welcoming. The staff are great. The customers are great and that little minx CatFlap is just soooooooo wow. We hear that Ed’ and Maureen are leaving this weekend and Cat and Snap are takin it over? Well it seems like the party will just run and run and run and run. It’s a Star place with star people.

May 26 2010 11:33AM

Rating: 10

A fabulously friendly Club. Always make you welcome —- great for both new and experienced swingers — very clean and safe. It’s the enthusiasm of the hosts that often make a club great and Ed and Maureen are the best. No matter what other clubs we visit, we are always look forward to returning to Atlantis.

Jun 13 2009 10:56AM

Rating: 9

first club we been … made feel really welcome
good atmosphere
good music
just generally good night
not sure what other places are like so can only mark this on how good time we had !!!!

Nov 17 2008 1:28PM

Rating: 9

We have been all over the country to parties and clubs and this is one of our favourites.

The decor is lovely, the lighting just right and even the music (something we usually have issues with) was very good.

The club is well appointed with great play spaces, VERY friendly members and a fab atmosphere.

We will certainly be back, very soon indeed

Vix and Neil xxx

Oct 25 2008 8:31AM

Rating: 9

This night was such a laugh and had the best atmosphere I had experienced to date. Atlantis has been around a while and to their credit nothing has slipped and the club is one of the better swingers clubs around. The girls in the uniforms looked HOT and I think I speak for every guy there when I say more themed nights.

Oct 7 2008 2:06PM

Rating: 9

Atlantis is a really great fun club – very clean and tastefully decorated, no grotty ‘sauna’. The hosts are lovely and really friendly. We’ve had some really great nights there.

Jul 5 2008 4:11PM

Rating: 8

atlantis is a good club and we have had some great nights their. we feel theres a lot that could make it even better, maybe a room with a one way mirror so couples could perform or a suggestion box where couples could suggest their fantasies, a toys room, a red light by a curb for fantasy role play, a raffle – winner chooses prize from a list etc……..just some ideas??????

May 2 2008 8:36PM

Rating: 9

Great music & great party atmosphere, incredibly friendly staff that just look after you all the time. Swinging is great too. Plenty to take your pick of (lol).

Smoking deck is loverly and warm as well.

Mar 10 2008 2:30PM


Our Address:

10 William Clowes Street Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, GBR

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