On premise, fun and friendly couples parties. We have over 5500 sq. ft. of party house, including indoor hot tub, outdoor solar heated pool, dance floor with stripper pole, DJ’d music, bar and lounge area, pool table, small buffet style food. Private rooms, group room and most of all, the friendliest people at any party you will find.

For years the resources available to lifestyle couples living in or visiting Las Vegas have been pretty slim. The clubs in Vegas all have an open door policy regarding couples and singles, which is fine if you’re a couple who is interested in being around a bunch of singles but it doesn’t leave much for the couples who desire to be around other couples. We wanted to create something different, something that would offer the best of both worlds and provide a clean, classy and safe environment for all involved.

An organization for swinging couples, Couples Oasis Society is a “Virtual Reality Society.” A lot of people become confused by this concept, “What the hell is a virtual reality society?” Simply put, Couples Oasis Society is an online club. Being an online club doesn’t mean that we don’t get together and party in real time, we do, every weekend. Because our parties are private affairs we don’t have to let everyone in off the street. “Private party” means that we have the right to be selective about who attends.

“So who can attend?” The parties are for our member couples, We welcome both local and out of state couples to check out the Society. There are no member singles in “Couples” Oasis. As a privilege of membership our couples may sponsor a single friend out to a party if they choose.

The average age of our members is mid to late 30’s. We have alot of 20’somes 40’somes and 50’somes.
The criteria for membership is, you must be a married or committed couple, be at least 21 years of age and desire to around friendly like minded people in a safe comfortable environment. We want you to be with us by your choice not from a salespitch. If your interest is piqued follow the link on how to join.

We never want anyone to feel pressured or obligated to participate in anything that they’re not ready for. Each couple should have a good a time as they’re capable of having without overstepping their boundaries or someone else’s. Your limitations and boundaries are up to you and they are worthy of respect from everyone regardless of where you are.

As couples find their space and feel the comfort, the inhibitions have a tendency to lower. We’ve had “first timers” come out shaking with nervousness only to find themselves running around naked after two hours. It’s entirely up to you.

As far as party amenities go…..

Our home is 5,500 sq. ft. Located on almost an acre and a half of land, completely surrounded by an 8 ft. block wall. We have discreet private parking in the backyard for up to 60 cars.

We have an excellent dance floor with pole. Our Dj booth currently has over 9000 songs on file, if you have a special request we can generally get any song within a few minutes. We have a giant indoor spa, private and group areas as well as an enclosed park like backyard.

The parties are BYOB (Bring your own bottle) We have an excellent bar with all of the mixers and setups, we just don’t supply any liquor, beer or wine.

The parties start at 8:00pm and go until 3:00am.

Generally the majority of the crowd arrives between 9:00 and 11:00pm.

Fridays and Saturdays we lay out a nice selection of munchies to keep you fueled up for other things.

What you’ll find concerning our rules is that there’s nothing out of line with them. They’re not written as a method of taking advantage of anyone, they’re written so that newbies and oldies alike are aware of the etiquette required. That being said……

“No means No” A very self explanatory rule and the most common rule at any club or party. If you can’t accept rej


Address, N las Vegas,
N las Vegas, United States


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Alcohol Sold, Food Available, On Premises, Dance Floor, Fetish Room, Outside Area, Massage Area, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Smoking Area, Private Rooms, Private Lockers, All Inclusive, BYOB, Dark Room, Glory Hole


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Rating: 1

My review on shitty Risque Estate in las vegas
Bottom line : shitty place , owner is an *ss , stay away from Risque Vegas
Long story : I phoned before i came and ask for about the crowd , i have told that it is around 25 couples so i came at 23:00 on friday.
After paying 60$ , i saw that there one couple and that is it – i told the owner nicely that it is not what i was told and i would ask to get refund and go (it was 2min after i came) – he rudely refuse and threat me that he will kick my ass.
He just ignored that i was lied and there is no people , just keep saying no-refund and that i will shut up or get fucked.
I stayed until 1:00am , just to see if something will happen – nothing!! , until the end of the evening only one old couple join.
It was the lamest night ever.
DONT GO to Risque !

Aug 6 2016 9:53PM

Rating: 3

Great if you are interested meeting nice people. Bad if you think they are remotely attractive.

Would I go back ? No. But everyone there is super friendly.

Nov 23 2011 6:11AM

Rating: 4

Couples Oasis was closed down for a few months and now has a new owner but the same managers as before.

Good couples place for older couples but you have to be careful. The “owner” likes to pick and choose at the door who can come into the party after he takes your money on line. He has been telling some “You are not the kind of people we want here” to regular everyday folks. The managers are about the money and the owner is about using hit hot wife to get laid.

Aug 3 2011 2:08PM

Rating: 0

We visited the Club on our tour thru the U.S.A and we had a fantastic time with all the guests. It was very, very good.
We are thinking very often of coming back to Las Vegas,not for gambling but for all the other fun of playing we had at the club.
Thank you again for your hospitality and for the wonderful time we had.

Jenny and Jonny from Spain

Oct 21 2005 11:24AM

Rating: 0

We were so pleased with our service at the club, from the sexy bartenders all the way down to the food ( and all the sex in between)! So far this is the only club we have attended in Las Vegas, but I don’t think we will stray far from it. The couples there were some of the nices people we have met in a long time. We really enjoyed our time spent at the Oasis, and look foward to returning very soon!

Kris and Holly

Jul 20 2004 10:34PM


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