Erotic Rumors Club is a classy, exciting and fun club that appeals to a wide range of people that share a common interest in exploring the Erotic side of life with others. The Atmospere at Rumors is always electric, exciting and provocative. Rumors offers a nightclub atmosphere with an Erotic Twist. The club features a large dance floor, stage with a dance pole, shadow box and a bar with a bartender to serve you your BYOB with free provided mixers. Lots of seating area to mingle…Smoking is allowed..Our DJ/MC plays the Top 40 to the oldies and we have a variety of games with prizes. Rumors tries to have a theme for every event so be sure to check out the party listing for the theme of the night. You can also find us under the CLUB listings on SDC..


Address, Dalton, 30720
Dalton, United States 30720


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Alcohol Sold, Food Available, On Premises, Dance Floor, Fetish Room, Outside Area, Massage Area, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Smoking Area, Private Rooms, Private Lockers, All Inclusive, BYOB, Dark Room, Glory Hole


Mon Closed
Tue Closed
Wed Closed
Thu Closed
Fri Closed
Sat 8pm – 2am SEE WEBSITE $5.00
Sun Closed
Nightly Membership Fee is included in door donation…There is a minim door donation for each event…Please refer to our website or check out our party listing on SDC and join us there…


Rating: 7

Could be a very fun atmosphere. I was lucky to have met a couple looking for a single male. Had a great night. I am young, but I think I understand the idea of a swing club and the lifestyle well. There was a clique feeling I got that was a little uncomfortable with. The crowd there that night was slightly older than I am however they seemed a little young and confused about the idea of a swing club. I actually got dirty looks for playing with a couple. But I did get some happy looks from the owner and the people who I think appreciated the lifestyle concept. Overall was a good place. Fun. Bar tender is nice and respectful. Owner was super sweet. Busy, but clearly she has a ton of things going on which is the way it should be as a club owner. I like their rule of if you are not on the list you do not get in. I think thats a rule…but do wish that the kids, and I call them kids, were a little more friendly and open about the environment they were in. If I wanted clicky, nose lifters I would prob head to the Trap. Clean looking place. Dance floor. I think the club has great potential and am looking forward to what it evolves into over the years. Check your crowd on their party lists for the events. Maybe try and get in touch with some of those people first, even if you are a couple, to make sure it is worth the trip. Overall I would say this club was fun but that is because I had a good time there that night. If the couple that was there hadn’t been, I would have had a completely diff first impression because the majority of the crowd made me feel like I was at a prom after party. Not to imply I am a swinger club expert or that I am a “better” swinger or person, to each their own, but I have been in enough scenarios to know this was not an ideal vibe.

Like I said, look forward to seeing what it evolves into though. Thank you Miss Kimberly. You were super respectful, helpful, and just a great host! Hope you can entice more couples from Atlanta to make the trip! Thank you for the chance to check out your place.

Mar 7 2014 1:29PM

Rating: 10

I am sorry that you feel that way. But you also have to take into consideration: Kim (The owner) is the ONLY one that answers ALL emails and phone calls about the club. All of the information that she would tell you is plainly stated on the website.

There is so much that goes into running a place like this, she spends the majority of her time at the club cleaning and answering emails or phone calls.
My husband and I love Rumors and felt very welcome the first few times that we went. No one was EVER EVER rude to us. We had no clue what to expect other than what we read on the website– Got there and LOVED IT!

Oct 25 2013 9:29AM

Rating: 1

Attempted to get info, Staff very Rude! I’m not driving 60 miles to be suprised

Aug 10 2013 5:12PM


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, Dalton, 30720

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