Liberty Elite is the original exclusive members only swingers and fetish club and is considered THE UPMARKET CLUB for those pursuing a liberated lifestyle. We have our own excellent premises, now a dedicated adult venue where people can meet in a pleasant, relaxed sexy atmosphere whilst enjoying various adult themed evenings and events. The premises, having recently been the subject of a total re decoration program

We are conveniently located in the Midlands, in the centre of the UK’s motoring network and are thus within comfortable driving time for the majority of people. but we are still secluded with no neighbours.

come and enjoy our extensive facilities including 26 seat hot tub large open play rooms
closed door private play rooms large dance floor with dance poles weekly disco;s wine bar feel social room 12 overnight rooms and large gardens

We hold special party nights and weekends throughout the year and more information on these can be found on our website

A warm welcome awaits you all


LUTTERWORTH, United Kingdom LE17 4HU


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Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom

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Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom

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Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom

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Alcohol Sold, Food Available, On Premises, Dance Floor, Fetish Room, Outside Area, Massage Area, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Smoking Area, Private Rooms, Private Lockers, All Inclusive, BYOB, Dark Room, Glory Hole


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Fri 8pm – 2am £25.00 £10.00 £40
Sat 8pm – 2am £35.00 £10.00
Sun Closed


Rating: 4

First of all let us say that when it comes to well presented facilities, that are scrupulously clean and well featured it is very hard to criticise Liberty Elite in any way. We guess that because of the such high material standards you find when you arrive there that the lack of “Finesse: with which the club seems to be run makes it all the more noticeable. We have in the past defended some of the weak points with regard to atmosphere etc, as we know what the club has the potential to be, and looked at it all as being a bit of a minor blip. But last nights visit proved otherwise. Usually we would be there until asked to leave, but last night managed to tolerate an hour. Where did they find last nights DJ? We appreciate that finding the right musical mix is a difficult one, trying to blend sensuality with a party atmosphere, but we aren’t sure that taking on Butlins “Kids Klub” cast off DJ’s is the right approach. Our biggest disappointment was with the lack of dress code. It would seem that it’s now acceptable for members and visitors to wear whatever they please. Liberty’s website expressly notes under it’s dress code that “Jeans and trainers are not acceptable. Not even designer jeans”. If a club is going to set a particular standard then maintain them, as much for those members who have made the effort as for anything else. Otherwise drop the dress code stipulation from your website and at let the lowest common denominator win (there where a new couple being shown around who looked like they popped in on their way back from a shopping trip to Tesco’s). If this review seems snobbish or aloof then there maybe an element of truth to that. But The venue wishes to present itself as a more elite choice. There are a few venues that try hard to create a more upmarket feel with fairly modest and meagre facilities. Liberty’s seem unusual in that they are the opposite and have upmarket facilities but happy to aim for low end presentation.

Mar 9 2014 7:02AM

Rating: 6

We used to love this club and you cannot fault it for the decor or facilities. We turned up last night for a ladies pleasure night but they were also doing a fetish night (one guest said this had happened several times to them). The age of the clientele had increased dramatically but the main thing was the lack of single guys and even couples. Difficult to have a ladies pleasure night with hardly any men. Liberties used to pride themselves on vetting single men and you would be sure of a great evening. It appears the money has gone into doing the place up and forgot some of the most important things like the sex! Having said that it is easily sortable and if was sorted would be the best club in e uk.

Jul 13 2013 3:46AM

Rating: 9

We found Liberty Elite to be a very well-run operation. Would we go back? Well yes we would. We booked a room at the venue, they are very basic but given the convenience of being right on site make them a good option. Only issue for us was that previous tenant must have been a smokers, we aired the room out as much as we could but you could still tell it had a certain residual smell. The Club is in the middle of nowhere (not a bad thing) The Club opens around 0830pm we went in around 0930 to see quite a crowd had already gathered. The whole operation is really professionally run and as it was our first time they arrange for a tour of the club which was nice. Its standard set up if you have been to any of the European Clubs, a nice bar and social area, dance floor (Music can be really loud and sometimes just so loud that it hurts!) Up stairs some private play rooms and back on the ground floor and out the back is the big play room where everyone seemed to congregate which also the giant spa pool area. The pool is great but a lot of chlorine (maybe not a bad thing!) Do take a hair band with you would be good advice. We enjoyed having a bottle of wine and chillin out people watching before joining in on the dance floor. There was a lovely supper served and afterward people started to make their way out to the changing rooms and then into the play room for no pressure fun and frolics. We called it quits around 2 am and wandered back to our room for a few hours sleep before heading home later that morning. It was a great night out and we both enjoyed it very much and would recommend it to others.

May 20 2013 4:01PM

Rating: 10

Hello people… We are Lee and Nic,
Proud members and fairly regular visitors to this great club.
That’s the sucking up bit out of the way, let’s talk about Liberty Elite….. lol.
I guess most people, but not all, reading the reviews will be new to the’ scene’ and contemplating how and where best to dip their toe and test the waters of what could be a naughty and hopefully exciting new interest. ….. Terrifying isn’t it? Make no mistake we’ve all been there.
So, probably most of all, you need to find to find somewhere you and your partner are going to feel comfortable. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS, you’ve found it. Well done you.
Your first visit will definitely be a daunting experience. We’ve spoken to quite a few people who only made it as far as the car park first time, but many more who did make it over the threshold.
When you do get in you’ll find a warm and friendly welcome waiting for you from one of the lovely, down to earth owners, Aide or Bridget. They will be your hosts and offer you a tour of the club. So don’t worry, you won’t be left in the door way like a deer trapped in some ominous headlights. No-one will stare, no-one will point and laugh, no-one will jump on you and ravage you on the spot.
Take the tour and you will see that you have come to a very clean and well-appointed club with a large seating area and bar with all your favourite tipples. Comfortable sofas and a very relaxed atmosphere. Hey, there’s even a real open fire, how nice is that. Around the corner is a reasonably sized dance floor and live D.J. booth. Used on Fridays and Saturdays. Leading off of the dance floor are curtained booths with more sofas and play equipment (cushioned table, dungeon type stuff). Also two lockable rooms. One with a strap in chair and swing. (We love it in there). Down a corridor, past changing rooms with lockers, you’ll find the very large main play room with a massive bed surrounded by other beds, and a large warm Jacuzzi where you can mingle and chat to your new (and old) friends. Upstairs, there are smaller bedrooms/ play rooms where you can choose to close the door for privacy or, if you’re feeling adventurous, leave it open and see what happens. Whichever you choose there’s no pressure on you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. You’ve stuck it lucky at Libs. You’ve come to a class establishment with class, respectful members.
Actually you might find us upstairs… come say hello.
The accomidation rooms;. We always get a room. No they’re not five star but there is everything you will need in there for your 1/2 night stay and they are clean and secure. And most importantly just stumbling distance from the club.
The price; Breaking news people…. There are cheaper clubs to go to. But what price can you put on style, security, service and out and out class. All of which you will find, in abundance, on your night out at Libs. Put it this way folks: If you want to drive around in a Rolls Royce don’t complain when you only bought a Ford Fiesta.
In essence reader, you’ve come this far and if you’re going to take the next step, this really is the place to do it. The Hosts are great, the staff are great, the surroundings are great and, We think, the members are great. All relaxed, open minded and non-judgemental folks having lots of fun.

Just do it !!!

Good luck,
Lee and Nic’xxx

Apr 14 2013 9:51AM

Rating: 10

We have been to most clubs in the uk in the 7 years we have been swinging and can say with out a doubt liberty elite is in a league above the rest ! the owners have worked wonders on this place since they have took over and every theme night the place is decked out to suit they work endlessly to make sure every single person in the club has a great night and bend over backwards to accommodate your needs. the place is always full of the sexiest people ! we cant praise this club and the owners enough ! guys you need to come and see for yourselves we guarantee you wont be dissapointed because in our opinion liberty elite is without a doubt the best club in the uk keep up the excellent work guys xxxx

Oct 31 2012 6:30PM

Rating: 10

OK! Not going to hide the fact that we are fans of Liberty Elite. It was our first club and we have always said that we hit the Jackpot first time when it came to finding the place that was right for us. We have been going along now for the better part of five years and although there have been a couple of changes of management and style the Club’s ethos and values has always been very much the same. So why the revue Well theres a new sheriff (or should we say Sheriff’s) in town and for the last twelve months or so it’s pretty obvious that they have been working hard to not just put the club at the top of the list but actually set a standard that a lot of other clubs are going to have to look long and hard at to work out how they can match up to them.

Yes the basics are all there. A proper tarmac car park away from prying eyes and who knows else that means there is one less thing to worry about. Spotless facilities, that even for the most fastidious don’t raise a question in your mind. Decor that makes you realise that someone has thought about style not how easy it is to wipe clean at the end of a busy night. Furniture you sit in and relax, not seating you perch on that feels as if your sat in you doctors waiting room. A bar that looks like a bar with clean fresh optics and ready to serve you anything from an orange juice to a chilled bottle of great champagne. There is a great dance floor and even if you never find yourself indulging in the fabulous jacuzzi or escaping to any of the well appointed private rooms with some new friends (or even just yourselves). You’ll still have a great night enjoying the social atmosphere!

We have to admit that we have never stayed overnight in any of the rooms there, but we certainly have never heard a word of complaint. Best of all things are always looking to be improved. Anyone who attended last weeks “Ooh La La” night can’t help to have been bowled over by the sheer atmosphere created by the multitude of candles and candelabra that turned the club into a truly sensual place to be! Best of all they pulled of the same trick again last night for the halloween Ball….Amazing!

Yes we are fans. Yes we are friends and proud to say so too. If it’s your nervous first visit to a club that you are planning, then please visit Liberty Elite. You really won’t be disappointed. If you’ve visited other cubs and looking for something with a bit more substance and thought, then it really is about time you called by and said hello.

Oct 28 2012 9:12AM

Rating: 10

Well where do we begin, hmmm the beginning is always a good place!
Being fairly new to the scene we are still finding our feet but have to say Brigitte and Ade make you feel from the first moment.
We contacted the club prior to our visit and were answered by Ade who was more than happy to field any questions we had and so we booked our room!
On the day of our visit we were running late however, when we finally arrived the staff members were very helpful and welcoming and got us settled in quickly with a fantastic and informative tour! We were immediately impressed by the setup, the facilities and the cleanliness of the venue! It is no wonder the club was recommended to us! Ade is chatty and welcoming and Brigitte is an absolute star and an amazing hostess! Always happy to chat and answer any questions. Oh and we both agree she is gorgeous and oozes sex appeal!

Getting back to the club!

Despite the fact the club is quite a trek from our home, it is well worth the trek, definitely a quality over quantity scenario! So much so we have become fully fledged members! We have never felt so at ease and the fellow members were all really friendly too!
Liberty Elite is what all the other clubs should aspire to, they have the right mentality and have created an amazing experience for us all to enjoy! Keep up the great work and we look forward to enjoying further evenings and events with you all!

Fallen and J xx

Sep 5 2012 7:25PM

Rating: 9

We visited the club on a ‘Couples Only’, Saturday night in May of 2012.
Liberty’s has always been one of our favourite clubs in the UK and we were regulars there between 2006 and 2008. The club went through some rough transitional times in 2011 where a few different managers came and went before the new owners Ade and Bridget took over two months ago. They had been regular members at the time we visited before and it was hard to forget them trying to put their tent up in the torrent downpour of rain in the summer party some years before.
For those who haven’t been to the club, it’s best accessible by car, though a cab from Rugby station will cost you around £15. The venue itself is a good size. Once past the small reception/cloak room, the heart of the club consists of a rather decadent lounge/bar, with a dance floor round to the right side off of which there are two playrooms, one of which contains a sling that you can shag and fly in at the same time (We are speaking from first-hand experience here!) There is plenty of seating and a fetish area curtained off behind the dance floor. To the left of the bar there is real burning fireplace with snugs and seating alcoves, and the stairs to the small second level which consists of four decent sized lockable (good improvement) playrooms, and a toilet / shower. These now all have proper air con in them as opposed to just a fan. Further on down stairs are the two changing rooms with lockers, one for singles, one for couples, and the main toilets are on the left and are very clean and modern. Through the next set of doors takes you to the Jacuzzi room, and main open play area, which contains a large bed in the middle, several more around the outside, and the sit down Romanesque style Jacuzzi, which now comes with three different lighting settings. (We like the dark purple one, but you might have to debate over which one stays on) The Jacuzzi itself also has three different modes, and can fit a good 10 couples, (More tried) At the back of the club there is a heated covered smoking area and a series of stables converted into accommodation, worth booking ahead if you’re planning on staying over. These are £50/55 and come with an en-suite with either bath or shower, or both. The beds are decent though we did our best destroy our one through practical use, and failed, which is always a good sign. The rooms come with flat screen TV and complimentary tea, coffee, juice, toast, cereals and two bottles of water. There is a fridge in every room, plus a hairdryer and toiletries.
Libs operates a membership scheme which you don’t have to pay on your first visit, so you can check the venue out before deciding if you want to join. (You join on the second visit) although we went on a Couples Only night, we have been here on a Friday before, and the single guys are fairly polite and decent. Last night there were couples of all ages and around 30 couples in all. We were aware however that because of a themed event coming up in two weeks time (Which we are also coming back for) the club had slightly lower numbers than normal, but it still seemed busy enough and never felt empty. People made an effort to dress up here, and people got up and danced, there is always a DJ on Saturday, and many people stated they came for exactly that reason. It was also pretty friendly, and wasn’t cliquey at all. For one couple it was their first experience at a venue anywhere and they took to it like ducks to water (literally, as they were in the Jacuzzi half the night) Liberty Elite has the best Jacuzzi in the country, which has recently been refurbished. The club hasn’t changed dramatically since we last visited, but there are lots of subtle changes in the décor, lighting, furnishings and the playrooms make better use of the space than previously and there is a lot more fetish equipment as the fetish nights here are very popular. The buffet is far less basic than previously and there is more of it, plus little things like the plates of Jelly Babies on the bar are all nice touches which don’t go unnoticed or uneaten. The Staff here are very friendly and professional though the bar girl rather plays down her good looks with her Dennis the Menace stripey jumper. The managers, Pete and Kate (Pwwoooooarh!! Yum yum, the man from Del Monte he says ‘yes please, cover her in honey and serve me for breakfast!) are really great too, clearly working very hard to be the engine of the club, while Ade and Bridget do the hosting and look after old and new members alike. Around midnight you will catch Ade giving out a tray of free shots of Pernod and Bridget a free pinch of your arse. (Reminds us of some other hosts we know) There was no shortage of action there though we ourselves were a little limited when it came to playing that night as no soon as we had arrived at the club, so did Mrs Parties painters! (God, would six hours more delay been too much to ask…?)
Anyway…. The club also runs photo shoot nights a few times a year, where you can come and have your pictures taken for your profiles on line, take them yourself or the club will do it for you. We’ve been to one of these before (They are normally on a Thursday) and well worth attending, especially if you want good quality pictures. Obviously cameras are not allowed in the club at any other time. The club may have taken a momentary dip a year or so ago but it’s clearly recovered and is now as good as it ever was. Those who found this there favourite club back in its heyday should make an effort to return as they will find it much to their liking. Liberty is one of the most upmarket clubs in the UK, when people ask us which club is closest to a club in Europe, we often will direct them here and they have plans to add a great deal more to the venue in the near future. The accommodation does need some new carpets but it’s already on the to do list. Otherwise it’s hard to say anything negative about the venue. If you’re new to The Scene, it’s a good first choice; one of the main strong points of the club is the design of the layout which would lend itself well to a nervous first timer. We recommend you attend the monthly themed parties if you want to attend on the busiest night. We rated it four and a half out of five before, and it still rates the same in our book. It’s not for those on a budget but if you want quality, you don’t buy from Kwik Save, and that chain of shops did go bust after all. Recommended.

May 13 2012 11:36AM

Rating: 9

Went last Saturday…certainly our best UK club experience! Friendly staff, great venue and an interesting mix of people….will go again!


Aug 4 2011 12:37PM

Rating: 10

Hi we are a young attractive couple that enjoy having fun with like minded people. This venue is class…… well managed, very well presented but more importantly great people…. we have had amazing nights Liberty Elite Friday by far is the best night !!! big crowm expected this friday 22.7.11

Jul 21 2011 3:45PM


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