L’Orage Club is Canada’s first legal swingers club. For over 18 years, the Orage Club and is team has hosted couples, women and single gentlemen in a warm and enticing and sensual atmosphere.

L’Orage Club in Montreal, is unique in Canada and is arguably the club swinger ‘par excellence’, for couples and single women who enjoy the presence of multiple men and single gentlemen.

Is “European” concept has made L’Orage Club , THE meeting place for liberated people in Montreal since 1996.


Gentlemen, even if semi-formal wear is not mandatory at L’Orage, be aware that elegant pants topped with a long-sleeved shirt will be your ‘open sesame’.

Running shoes, sportswear and caps are not accepted and won’t provide you with the necessary passport to cross the threshold of pleasure. In other words: You will stay outside!

That’s it for the Dress Code but above all, above all, L’Orage club does not compromise on vulgarity, lack of respect and narrow-mindedness. All that remains for us is to wish you the most sensual libertine night in Montreal!

**Saturday nights: it’s only for couples and single woman.**

*Sunday: special events. Check our website, Facebook page or our newsletter for more informations.*


Address7387 St-Hubert Street, Montreal, CAN
Montreal, Canada H2R 2N4


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SDC 5 à Sex Meet & Greet (and Play) @ L`Orage Club Prive

Montreal, Québec, Canada

Guest List: 4

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SDC 5 à Sex Meet & Greet (and Play) @ L`Orage Club Prive

Montreal, Québec, Canada

Guest List: 2

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Alcohol Sold, Food Available, On Premises, Dance Floor, Fetish Room, Outside Area, Massage Area, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Smoking Area, Private Rooms, Private Lockers, All Inclusive, BYOB, Dark Room, Glory Hole


Mon Closed
Tue Closed
Wed 10pm – 3am 20CAD N/A 60CAD
Thu 10pm – 3am 20CAD 10CAD 40CAD
Fri 10pm – 3am 30CAD 10CAD 100CAD
Sat 10pm – 3am 40CAD 10CAD 40CAD
Sun Closed
60 $ /year per couple or person


Rating: 10

We have been to swing clubs and resorts all of the world for the last 15 years. We have seen all the best (and worse) Lifestyle clubs in our travels. We were really looking forward to checking out Club L’Orage. What a nice experience we had. The club is clean, the staff was polite and helpful and the upstairs open air lounge was a unique setting (for a LS club). It was a Saturday night and the club was full of well dressed couples. The play rooms were perfectly lit (and clean). The dance floor was crowded with the right music. We would definitely attend Club L’Orage again. Cheers

Jul 16 2017 11:43AM

Rating: 10

This is currently the best lifestyle club in Montreal. Upscale, great crowd, very clean.

This is a European style club where people stay dressed. Which we feel is way sexier than seeing people running around wrapped in towels. That’s why the person looking for towels and lockers didn’t see any.

The decor is very well done and creates a very erotic ambiance. Actually, it tops most clubs that we have been to in Europe

There is a main bar and dance area as well as a play area on the first floor. If you go, don’t miss out on check out the 2nd floor play area and the rooftop terrace/bar.

May 26 2016 11:42AM

Rating: 10

L’orage is a great, elegant and fun place where everyone is respectful and friendly.

The fool talking about it being dirty probably works for another club.

Aug 13 2014 9:45PM

Rating: 10

We are only English speaking..NEVER a problem..the friendliest, most respectful and beautiful people in all of Montreal come here! If you leave here without having a GREAT TIME it is only your own fault!

Jun 9 2011 9:13AM

Rating: 9

You won’t have any problems with English at this club.

There’s an interesting mix of both English and French attendees.

Feb 20 2011 12:19PM

Rating: 8

The website and most of the material I have read has been French only. Does anyone know if only English speaking would have any issues at the club?

Oct 5 2010 5:10PM

Rating: 10

Nice bar/lounge area with liquor licence. Has a dark and sensual play area in back. Dark enough to be discrete but great for watching as well.

Nice upscale clientele with no pressure.

The single men are always very polite and respectful.

Jun 11 2010 9:29PM


Our Address:

7387 St-Hubert Street, Montreal, CAN

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