Miami Velvet is the Nations largest private adult lifestyle nightclub with over 20,000 square feet of pure sexual luxury. Although known as a “Swingers Club” many of the members come to Miami Velvet to enjoy a no pressure atmosphere without the hassles found at other “lifestyle” nightclubs. Miami Velvet is a private nightclub that gives you the freedom to express yourself in your sexiest attitude and attire.

Its unique flair for creating a sensually charged social ambiance with both class and style has made it an international favorite. Miami Velvet offers a plush-funky style, mingled with an atmosphere primed for spontaneous displays of passion. Tossed liberally with serious dance music, a celebrated dance floor, and a crowd of consistently beautiful people, Miami Velvet is the hottest night spot in South Florida and was voted the #1 Club by New Times for 2008! The Miami Velvet crowd is primarily 30 something, successful, professional couples, as well a sexually-mature, culturally mixed, young, fashionable, adrenaline hungry group of couples and singles who are seeking a thrill slightly higher than that of the South Beach scene they are most acquainted with.

To attend Miami Velvet valid membership is required at all times with no exceptions. Miami Velvet has a ZERO tolerance for drugs or rude behavior-leave the drama at home.

Single Gents are welcome on Wed and Friday. Miami Velvet is open to couples and single ladies only on Saturday


Address3901 NW 77th Avenue, Miami, 33166
Miami, United States 33166


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Miami, FL, United States

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Alcohol Sold, Food Available, On Premises, Dance Floor, Fetish Room, Outside Area, Massage Area, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Smoking Area, Private Rooms, Private Lockers, All Inclusive, BYOB, Dark Room, Glory Hole


Mon Closed N/A N/A N/A
Tue Closed N/A N/A N/A
Wed 10pm – 4am $25 Prepay/$45 $10 $45
Thu Closed N/A N/A N/A
Fri 10pm – 5am $45 Prepay/ $80 $10 $80
Sat 10pm – 6am $60 Prepay/ $10 $25 N/A
Sun Closed
We offer discounts each night when you prepay for event tickets on MiamiVelvet.com.

Couples- Two Months $50 Prepay / $75 at the door
Gents- One Month $100
Ladies-One Month – $10


Rating: 0

Sunday October 15, 2017
First let me say that velvet is the club where we broke our swinger cherrie and spent 4 to 5 years as loyal customers. The distance from our home is approximately 30 minutes away.
1. In the beggining there was food. We sometimes rushed to make it by 10 pm To get special princing discounts so it was ok to arrive with a little bit of hunger because there was always something to eat. Velvet eliminated the food.
2. Bathrooms with no toilet paper, no soap to wash hands or paper towels to dry hands is a normal occurrence at velvet. We showed up at velvet on a friday when we noticed the women’s bathroom floor covered in feces. The very next day we showed up again and the feces had not been picked up. By this time it was dried feces. We had to go to the front desk and tell them about it. Now they have 2 attendants that work for tips holding on to the paper towels and soap. The women get toilet paper to dry their hands…not kidding. The back playroom bathrooms have no soap or toilet paper or paper towels.
3. Only 3 bartenders for 400 people does not work. Last night we were waiting 10 15 minutes for a drink. there are bartenders that give your drinks to other customers. We had the unfortunate experience when we found out that our bartender was giving away our wine tequila and tequila mix. How do we know this ? Because after arriving with a new bottle of wine and only having a couple of cups we noticed the bottle was almost empty. incredibly the bartender admitted to us that they had mistakenly given some away and then assured us that we could have any drink we wanted. Obviously at the expense of another customer. Same with oct. 14 Party they gave our mix to anyone that asked. The bottle was almost empty When i went for my 3rd drink. The bartenders could not handle so many people. A cup of water took 20 minutes. We decided to go to the back room bartender only to find that he was drinking shots with the customers. He was so lost that after waiting 15 minutes for a cup of ice we decided to serve our own drinks.
4. The music is too loud a conversation is impossible without yelling.
5. Tipping. we actually like to tip our bartender And anyone that works to make our experience better at the club. However when we went to the front desk to get change. They told us “just come back later”.
To sum it up, while still in line to get in to last night’s party we were asked with disbelief why we werent getting the yearly renewal for $109.00. “Its going to be more expensive If you dont renew tonight” we were told. Frankly we want to use our hard earned money at clubs that care about us the customer.

Oct 16 2017 8:21AM

Rating: 8

We cannot say we’ve been to a ton of swinger joints… Recently we visited trap (its no MV). In comparison MV takes the cake! Personally we’re not huge fans of the DJ/mc/skills after 12am its regeton or house. they have two rooms not always with both open. We prefer a more open format and variety. Every night is a different mood and you dont always want to stick to one genre (we dont anyway). The staff is friendly and accommodating from the host who provides the tours to the gentlemen with the locker keys. They could probably use another bar tender or two. On a busy night it takes a while to get a drink from a bottle u brought with you. ?? the people are somewhat cliquey but we’ve never had an issue breaking boundaries or moving in or away from the clique with a couple. Generally weve been engaged and approached more at velvet than other swinger clubs. Do not go on Friday nights!!! They let single men attend…. we thought it would be an opportunity for mfm fun… Turns out lots of old men jerking off and staring that was more the theme of the evening eww! I read another review stating the playrooms aren’t “themed” that would be an excellent idea for more intricate play snm etc but u are at a small venue in the heart of Miami not fetish factory. We always bring a goodie bag with whatever extras we desire. Leave it in the locker… U can dress or undress as revealing as u like. We also bring our own soaps (some ppl prefer to leave the club) so just take some with u incase theyre running low. The towels… Not sexy but thats the hygeine rules we get it. The rooms are clean and sheets and towels are provided upon request. Personally I like that most rooms have a door and a lock. We are selective not anyone can just get up in the room and pounce with us. The couches and furniture are even clean! Which we have seen not so clean ones in other locations ??the dance floors are large the layout is spacious and appropriate and we’ve never had bathroom issues….. Again in comparison to the places we’ve been it is the best. Half of this couple doesn’t speak Spanish so yes its frustrating that some couples are very Latin but again thats relevant to location. We have been to MV many times won’t return to the other places we’ve tested out in Miami… Thats gotta be good for something ??

Jul 17 2017 5:27PM

Rating: 2

Went many years ago with ex, then again last year with the now Mrs., a Latina. Within 20 minutes of arrival, she said we made a mistake, we left and headed up north to the Trap. Smoking, for the money all you get is hotdogs and pretzels, very cliquish crowd. So, would never recommend the Velvet. Yes it is large, but very few places to sit.

Jun 19 2017 4:47PM

Rating: 5

so we visit Velvet club in Saturday 12 september, so, nic outside, more car, more people, nice dresses)) but one negative on door, we on sdc quest list and guy on desk tell me about 150 usd entry. but normwly couple 100 and for sdc 75, )) so we send info to club email and without answer, maby mistake mby fail, mby thief))) but club is very large, clean, and nice.

Sep 18 2015 8:35PM

Rating: 4

We need to counter some of the super positive reviews with some critical comments here. In general we would say: Miami Velvet is an OK club. But all the buzz is certainly not deserved.
First some positive aspects: fun dance floor area with good music (question of taste of course)and a nice party vibe, super friendly staff, generally good age mix and clean premises.
Now to our negative comments:
– We saw several people with mobile phones taking shots and videos in the dance area. For us that is a total no go. Staff did react after being told, but they should prevent it in the first place.
– Too many single guys obviously pay a “friend” to get in an then hang out alone trying to get some part of the action. That’s a turn off. If we want single guys roaming around us like jerkoff-vultures, we can have that any other day for less money.
– We may be spoiled from clubs in Europe but the rooms were rather boring. A lookthrough mirror was the top attraction next to the very bright aquarium (unfortunately we do not get turned on by watching fish). No kinky stuff, no styled or themed rooms no hidded niches. All in all the place lacked a seductive, lustful, naughty atmosphere.
– We like to have a chat before we get it on with another couple. Im MV thats hard to have. Dance areas are pretty loud and in the sex-zones there’s no place to stand and have a chat. The only option is the alternative bar (without a bar).
– The towel-policy. We love lingerine. But for a reason we still cannot fathom we were required to wear towels in the sex-zone. That’s ridiculous. You either can be naked or you have to wear a towel. We love that there are towels – for hygiene and to dry us off, but not as clothing.
– Perhaps a European thing again. But when we go to a swinger club, we do expect to see and be seen. It is nice to have a lockable room for intimate encounters, and most clubs have one. ONE. In MV there basically are only lockable rooms. So you either ride along with the afore mentioned single males and try to open door after door to find some action or you already have a couple before you hit the fuckfloor. It all just seemed a bit uptight. Lock here towel there.
– Last but not least: Smoking in the dance area. Ok, matter or taste, but not our taste at all.

All in all we think the MV has the potential to be a really sexy club. But honestly – in the state that it is now, it is just a hangout for the local crowd who already knows each other and just needs some horizontal space to get it on.

Aug 29 2014 5:01PM

Rating: 10

Wife & I went for the first time: great place to have fun. Most people bilingual and good looking. Host is charming. We were nervous for the first time by everybody respects you. We had a couple of proposals but if you don’t feel like it, they’re OK. Main ballroom is big and beautiful, we danced a lot. Around midnight you see more sexy action on the floor. Being a Wednesday, back rooms and precincts were closed. Take your own drink and eat before going & you’ll be fine. Strongly recomend it! Will go back!

Dec 14 2013 4:57PM

Rating: 8

Quiero decirles k emos ido a muchos club y como este no hay , el unico problema k estan teniendo es k no sirven nada de aperitivos y yo creo k para el precio k ellos cobran deverian dar halgo, por ejemplo hay club k son de menos calida del mv y se llenan menos k el mv y dan tremendass comida , por ejemplo si vas al trapezee no tiene la calida del mv y no van tantas personas como el mv y ellos alli sirven comida y despues dan desalluno asi k no entiendo porque el mv esta perdiendo calida, yo les escrivi y todavia no e recivido respuesta espero k todo el k le alla pasado lo mismo lo k tienen k hacer es quejarse a ver si ellos tomam una decicion…..

Jan 9 2013 11:59AM

Rating: 10

We have been going to Velvet often for a year now and recomend it to everyone we meet. The energy in the club always seems to be building through out the night, especially when both dance floors are open. The people that work at Velvet always have an inviting attitude. Some have told us they feel intimidated by the fun Miami energy, but we always say let go, say hi to someone, and get on the dance floor and it will be your #1 club soon too!

Apr 24 2012 3:14PM

Rating: 10

We’ve been member of MV for over 4 years and since then it’s our favorite club. The staff is very friendly and eager to please you, all areas are very clean and confortable, we have met a lot of people and have a tons of good moments.

Apr 5 2012 7:30PM

Rating: 9

We are from New York City and have been in the lifestyle for for quite a few years. We have both worked in a few of these clubs as bartenders and have a good grasp of how they are run and the couples who attend.
We attended a Saturday night party in June 2011 that was very impressive. The venue is very large and was packed with many interesting and hot couples. There is plenty of dancing, flirting, and playing going on. The management of the club is on the strict side which is in my experience very good. What we did not like was there were way too many male staff, we found this a little off. All in all we give it a thumbs up 9. Go and have a great time.

Jul 25 2011 5:10PM


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