We produce events for young, fit, attractive bi-sexy women and adventurous couples. To receive invitations to our exclusive happy hours, erotic theme events, pool parties and group vacations please request FREE membership at VIPBLISS.com.


Address520 SE 5th Ave 1612, Fort Lauderdale, 33301
Fort Lauderdale, United States 33301


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SUMMER bLiSS in Ft. Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Guest List: 34

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Pretty Kitty Bliss in Miami

Miami, FL, United States

Guest List: 14

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Alcohol Sold, Food Available, On Premises, Dance Floor, Fetish Room, Outside Area, Massage Area, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Smoking Area, Private Rooms, Private Lockers, All Inclusive, BYOB, Dark Room, Glory Hole


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Tue Closed
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Sat 11pm – 4am 60usd 20usd
Sun Closed
You must apply at VIPBLISS.com and be approved by the membership committee to receive an invite to our private and exclusive productions.


Rating: 10

It is amazing how every month there are always so many fun, sexy, attractive, young lifestylers in attendance! The locations are always upscale and the music is outrageous. It is definitely not a hard core lifestyle party with the focus on female bi-sexuality, but it seems there are always more than enough full swap couples in attendance to attend our after party play sessions. If your in your 20’s and 30’s and in good pyhiscal condition you will have no problem meeting fun new friends.

Feb 14 2011 1:00AM

Rating: 9

We miss the central Florida parties….Nathan hurry up! For those who can’t make it all the way to Miami every month, we’ve met alot of cool people at the central Fl parties. We appreciate that the clientele is prescreened. No it’s not an on premise swinger party…but it can lead to one later 🙂

May 15 2010 5:02PM

Rating: 10

The bliss club is more than swinging. It is partying to the max and socializing with people in similar physical shape, like mind sets and in a younger frame of mind. For the most part events are off-premise so of course there is not going to be a lot of x-rated action going on at the parties. I attended for several years as a single female before I got in a non-swinging relationship (i am only girl/girl now) and I can tell you I did it all. People that are older members like you need to understand that the younger members are playing hard, probably a lot harder than you….just not with you. Many are discreet and extremely selective. Just because you don’t see it or are not involved with it doesn’t mean it is not going on. There are a wide range of play styles that attend bliss parties. Girl/girl, soft swing, ful swing and orgy. I have experienced them all at after parties and lived out all my fantasies! You just have to be fit, attractive and social and you will be able to find compatible playmates. I have traveled the world and there are no nightclub/lifestyle events anything like the bliss club. Every month a different incredible location filled with gorgeous, sexy people and not to mention amazing house music! Thank you to the bliss club for making life so wonderful and sexy!

May 14 2010 4:40PM

Rating: 5

Bliss is fun,from many different levels however swinging is not really one of them. Its a be seen party for those with the taste to show off to do so. For girls to drive men crazy but stay safe. For men to look at hot ladies flirt with their wives. This sums it up. But, shouldn’t this opinion/review question be sent to non Bliss attendees instead?

May 14 2010 3:41PM

Rating: 10

We moved out of florida, and the Bliss parties are pretty much the only thing we miss. We cant go as often now. Nathan is the greatest host! We love the atmosphere, the hot ladies, and the themes. the dressing up in a different theme each time is awesome! And its great that they are picky about who they let become members. Its a guarantee that the whole crowd will be beautiful! We are going to plan our trips to florida around Bliss parties! LOVE LOVE LOVE the BLISS!!!

May 13 2010 6:33PM

Rating: 10

I love the bliss club and i have been a member for awhile. For those that get declined you are right it is based on looks , but who the hell wants to party and make out with Ugly people so instead of bashing Nathan and crew for being selective lets just give them a round of applause for maintaining the sexy. That is why i love to attend the parties you will always see sexy women half naked. I love the Bliss , I love that they do try to make it for the sexy, and to all our Haters who are not fortunate enough to PARTY with us maybe next time. XOXOXO Mommy2MIlf

May 11 2010 10:27PM

Rating: 10

I have been attending parties since I was 21. New Years Bliss 2005 was my first event and I do not think I have missed more than 5 or 6 parties since then! It is the only place I can meet other young, fit bi-sexy women and respectful couples. The happy hour events are awesome for meeting people and talking. The theme events are great for getting sexy, hearing amazing house music (I love you DJ Gary G!!!) and dancing and partying all night!!!!! I really like going to a different club every month too. It never gets boring and it is great to have sexy fun in some of the nicest places in South Beach. The best experiences of my life have been on the summer vacations and I can’t wait to go to Cancun this Summer. If you are a young, fit, fun, hot bi girl or couple you need to join.

May 3 2010 4:57PM

Rating: 1

Any club that asks for whole body photos for their membership does not have your privacy in mind. secondly They will probably reject you if your appearance does not meet their criteria.

Feb 2 2010 9:56PM

Rating: 10

Every Bliss party stands for its own and brings new, unique, and exciting experience. It is our pleasure to be part of such a beautiful ongoing hot scene! The Bliss parties are the combination of exclusive clubs, gorgeous people, interesting themes, sexy first class events, and incredible host – just come, and see for yourselves!

Feb 24 2009 10:09PM

Rating: 10

I’ve been a Bliss member for 4 years and i must say there is no other party like a Bliss party. If you are fun, out-going and bi (or bi- curious) Bliss is the place for you. Sexy Bi females (and selected couples) dress in the skimpiest outfit, every party has a different theme & the host (Nathan)is like no other. But guess what you don’t have to take my word for it check out One of the Bliss party and i garantee you will never want to miss the next one 🙂

Tamara (Bliss Girl For Life)

Feb 14 2009 2:53PM


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