Scarlet Zone is NYC’s premiere on-premise Lifestyle club. We are a private, members only club located in Long Island City, Queens, just minutes from Manhattan. We offer a relaxed atmosphere for both newbies and veterans alike. Come check out our various play areas and amenities, and meet other like minded people!

We are conveniently located near public transportation and all major highways! Our club is only a few minutes from midtown Manhattan. Plenty of free parking.

Couples and single women are always welcome. live DJ every Friday & Saturday.

You must be a member to attend any event at Scarlet Zone. Check our website or our listed events for more details.

Private rentals are available. Contact us for details and rates.


Addressnear 25th St and 50th Ave, Long Island City, 11101
Long Island City, United States 11101


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Alcohol Sold, Food Available, On Premises, Dance Floor, Fetish Room, Outside Area, Massage Area, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Smoking Area, Private Rooms, Private Lockers, All Inclusive, BYOB, Dark Room, Glory Hole


Mon Closed
Tue Closed
Wed Closed
Thu 9pm – 2am 50USD 20USD 80USD
Fri 10pm – 4am 60USD 20USD 120USD
Sat 10pm – 4am 60USD 20USD 80USD
Sun 10pm – 3am
Annual membership fee of $20


Rating: 9

We have been to Scarlet Zone now 3 times. The first time judging by the review dated below was o the same night for the Latin Dance party. It was very slow (yes we saw the 2 old guys walking around) due to the slow turn out it was boring to say the least. We were givin a comp card to come back which we did on a Friday and it was a total 180. The place was busy and we had a nice time.

Most recently we went last Saturday and had a similar positive expereince.

So it all comes down to “when” you go. If any club is dead its not going to be fun. But we wanted to rate the club on the club itself.

First off it was clean. VERY clean in fact…the bathrooms are nicer than most high end clubs let alone a swinger club. The sheets are constatntly being changed and the porter is always running around cleaning something. We asked for towels and got them…we asked for a private room and after a 40 minute wait were given one with fresh sheets. Why the 40 minute wait? 35 minutes to get a free a room (they were all being used) and 5 for the porter to clean it up.

All in all we like the place. We are giving it an 9 based NOT attendance but on the club itself. Seems unfair to take away points because it happened to be slow one out of the three nights we went.

Sep 30 2013 1:04PM

Rating: 1

We went last nigh to the Latin Dance Night and it was depressing. Three couples and 6 single guys who kept walking around waiting for something to happen. Two of the single guys were in their 60’s. The girl in the front should of told us it was empty instead of just taking our money. We were in there for less than an hour. Waste of time and money. We will never go back.

Aug 9 2013 2:10PM

Rating: 4

It’s a good club for couples because they have private rooms, but not good at all for single men the sat. dance party is the worst lol…save your money!

Aug 4 2013 11:21AM

Rating: 8

We attended last night and had a good time! It was actually our first time doing one of these clubs. We met a sexy couple and spent some time in a private room… Was actually hoping to find them on sdc…no luck so far…

Apr 7 2013 1:33PM

Rating: 10

Been meaning to check out Scarlet for a while and finally went this Saturday night. Now that we did we WILL be going back.

The staff, the club itself and the guests were all top notch. The place was the cleanest swing club we have ever went to bar NONE.

It was more like the clubs you find outside of NYC…Spacious yet warm and inviting.

The fetish room was hopping all night as were the lounge and dance floor.

If we could rate it higher than a 10 we would.

Mar 12 2013 12:33PM

Rating: 10

I have to disagree with Joe S below. As a single guy I have been to Scarlet Zone now 3 times over the last 5 weeks. I originally found about it here on SDC.

First the things I agree with. there are not many single girls. One night I went there were none, another time two and the final time a whopping 4. But to be fair NO swinger club gets a lot of women.

To compare with with Carousel is also not fair. Everyone knows Carousel on Friday nights has paid girls come in to “service” their male customers. It is VERY blatant. But if that is what I was looking for I would go to a rub and tug or just hire a girl.

I go to swinger clubs to try and hook up with swingers and for that Scarlet Zone is the place for a single guy. I also agree that the club is super clean and the staff very attentive and polite.

On my three visits…I hooked up on one visit with a couple, another visit I was lucky enough to snag one of the single ladues and we played with two other couples and yes on one visit I struck out…not bad 2 out of 3 and personally speaking well worth it.

With the choices out there Scarlet Zone is the place Friday nights for couples looking for threesomes and single guys hoping to be the extra guy in that threesome…and if by chance you get one of those rare single women then its a score that wasn’t expected.

Feb 26 2013 10:00AM

Rating: 3

I have to agree with the reviews on this place…Scarlet Zone in Queens is a very clean, well run and has a friendly staff. However, as a single male attending a Friday night recently, I felt left out and ignored by the many couples that attended. There were no single women there and I felt like a wallflower standing, walking and sitting around. It was almost as if I had crashed a private house party. I understand that there are no guarantees of having to meet someone and play with them, but I feel that if single men are going to be invited to the party, shouldn’t they be made to feel welcome and taken care of as well? Instead, I felt like I didn’t belong in this “clique” of attendees. I wish I could have had more encouraging words to say about this experience, because it’s a nice establishment and probably why couples will love coming here. I guess I have to take the good with the bad at different places; just had a bad feeling in my gut about 90 minutes into the party. It was one couple after another and by the time midnight had struck, not one single woman walked into the establishment. At that point, I knew that as a single male, I was doomed and not going to experience any action at all.

So for the single straight men looking to hook up, Scarlet Zone is not the place. Looks like the place for us “strays” would be a less desirable establishment like Carousel Club in Manhattan…but what other choices are there? I was hoping for a cleaner and classier place and I did find that with this place in Queens…just didn’t feel welcome by the couples who were pretty much the norm at Scarlet Zone on a Friday night…


Joe S.

Dec 15 2012 8:32AM

Rating: 10

Finally got the chance to check out Scarlet Zone. Has something for everyone. private rooms, group rooms even a fetish room.

The place was extremely clean, much more so than any other club we have gone to in New York.

And the staff was friendly and VERY helpful.

Its our new go to place in NYC!

Janette and Stevie

Oct 25 2012 2:43PM

Rating: 10

This place is much more elegant then the other clubs.I know there are new owners from the old Amantes and you can tell.I always get a warm welcome and a friendly goodnight. This place is great with great staff.

Sep 25 2012 2:59PM

Rating: 10

I’ve been to parties at Scarlet Zone a few times now and I always have a great time there. The club is clean and the staff is great! What more could you ask for? If you live in the NYC area you have to check this place out, the same goes for those just visiting!

Sep 11 2012 9:34AM


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