INTRODUCING a new and exciting alternative for the discerning and liberated adult to truly savour and experience. A warm and welcoming private members club and hotel for swingers where you can safely meet and play with many other like-minded couples and singles in well presented upmarket surroundings. The very well known and experienced VA management team will look after you, from your eager arrival to your lingering departure.

THE VANILLA ALTERNATIVE aims to provide a popular venue that is always immaculate and luxuriously dressed with attention paid to the finer details. A feminine touch of class and distinction for our members to enjoy. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

We want our venue to be your second home, your naughty home where you can make as much noise as you wish and fulfil not one but many sexually delightful fantasies over and over again!

We are fully licensed, have a huge hot tub, plenty of social and play areas, a fabulous disco area complete with pole, loads of private car parking, a private rural location overlooking the river Ouse in Bedfordshire, on site hotel rooms and we attract a very sexy clientele from all over the UK!

Come visit us today, we are a new adult venue you don’t want to miss out on! Visit our website to check out the calendar!


AddressGreat North Road, Tempsford, GBR
Tempsford, United Kingdom SG192AS

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Bunnies & Black Tie, presented by Belle Amour Parties

Tempsford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Guest List: 4

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Bunnies & Black tie, presented by Belle Amour Parties

Tempsford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Guest List: 10

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Alcohol Sold, Food Available, On Premises, Dance Floor, Fetish Room, Outside Area, Massage Area, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Smoking Area, Private Rooms, Private Lockers, All Inclusive, BYOB, Dark Room, Glory Hole


Mon 8pm – 0pm £10 closed closed
Tue 8pm – 0pm £10 closed closed
Wed 8pm – 0pm £15 closed closed
Thu 8pm – 1am £20 £5 £30
Fri 8pm – 3am £25 £10 £40
Sat 8pm – 3am £35 £10 £30
Sun 2pm – 8pm £20 see web £5 see web n/a
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Rating: 10

We’ve not been to VA for approx 5/6 years. Can’t believe we’ve left it so long! Enjoyed a lovely warm welcome back at the recent Chic night from Jules, Scott & Dax. VA really does tick the boxes as a club for us, and we hope we can get back there more regularly when our diaries permit.

Sep 7 2017 7:55AM

Rating: 10

Our favourite club by a mile. Hosts are so friendly and welcoming and treat you like genuine friends not customers. Other club hosts would do well to take a leaf out of Scott and Jules’ book! It attracts a really good mix of genuine, unpretentious people and always has a great atmosphere something again we often find lacking at some clubs. Only been 4 times but made new friends on every visit. Worth going just for a social even if you’re not up for playing. Excellent for first-timers new to the scene and more experienced filth bags alike. Facilities are well looked after and clean. They put on some fantastic events too. Don’t miss Festival of Fun in the summer. Looking forward to our next visit.

May 1 2016 7:16AM

Rating: 4

Club is beautiful and the people are nice. Drinks were awesome!

What’s with the complete lack of condoms? STDs are real in the swinging community and with an international crowd you would think couples would want to protect their bodies.

I also did not like the hot tub. It is haven for germs and infections…..especially with the lack of condoms and zero chemicals.

Maybe this is a British thing. I was not comfortable and we are seasoned swingers.

Sep 7 2014 6:15AM

Rating: 10

we have tried lots of clubs now but we keep getting drawn back to the VA, its a classy friendly club. the staff the guests all make yoy feel welcome from experienced to new we would always recomend this club it has its own hotel rooms and also a choice of local hotels. a great night

Nov 4 2013 5:58PM

Rating: 10

Spent the weekend camping at the Festival of Fun and OMG what an amazing time we had ! The event was extremely well organised and are what fantasies are made of ! never had so much fun as cavorting in the foam listening to a fantastic band and to top it off wresting in the mud pit !

The staff are excellent, facilities are superb and they work very hard to keep the venue immaculate. Such a sexy, sophisticated and sensual club.

Superb event, thank you so much for a wonderful weekend.

Aug 18 2013 3:46PM

Rating: 7

The club is easily located if you have an updated GPS,which we did not. Certainly not the clubs fault.

The hospitality was great, staff is very professional and polite, but we missed the effort of the staff to help new people mix. This being our first time we of course new no one, ad we were told it was one of the quietest Sat night ever.

The place was a bit too big for the crowd, and mingling in such environment was a challenge. Shower, Jacuzzi and play area were all excellent, but also a bit too sterile. We felt it failed to be very inviting. A bit too chic for a place where we come to have sex. We noticed there are many different cluf styles, and here, you are dressed in the bar area but have to undress if you enter the play area. somehow we found it a bit of a challenge.

we did not mix with others, but had a great time. maybe next time a more interesting night.

Sep 1 2012 12:17AM

Rating: 8

This is our third visit to the club since it opened, but it’s been sometime since our last visit (early 2011) The club is about an hours drive out of the North London suburbs, getting there by public transport is not recommended and there is plenty of on site and well secured parking. As with the previous visits, we have always gone on a Couples Only Night. We had organised something of a ‘Treasure hunt’ with the club that night, so our apologies to anyone who were playing while people were sneaking past looking for clues under pillows and such. We did leave them in such obvious places we thought they would all be found well before the normal playing emmigration hour.

If you want a detailed description of the layout of the club please scroll down to the previous review near the bottom of this forum. In brief the club is in a converted pub / hotel on the A1 and the owners have done a fantastic job of converting the place. The facilities and staff are all great and it’s clear that Jules is the anchor of the place. The DJ did a good job but even though the dance floor has been moved, (big improvement) people still didn’t get up to dance (Male pole dancer demonstration aside) This was odd because every girl and some of the guys that we spoke to, and we spoke to lots, all wanted to get up and have a boogie and they liked the music, so the question is why didn’t they? We think the DJ though great, as stated by one of the regulars, needs to take control of the crowd a little bit more, interact and get them going. One of the issues with the venue is how ever you lay it out, you really do have to fit in with the floor plan of the building and it’s not too likely to fit in with you. So we can fully appreciate the owners have their work cut out with getting every space here to fully work for them. Although the old dance floor area is a great space that is waiting for alternate use and does provide a great area for visiting groups/private hires we would certainly like to see it some how ingratiate its presence more on a weekly basis. Certainly foam parties on a hot summers day (if we get any more) would work really well here. Having read over the criticisms that were mentioned elsewhere below, we cannot agree with comments about lack of towels or dirty toilets. The toilets have always been spotless here, and there is never a shortage of towels around. Certainly the club is not faultless. The hot shower near the vast Jacuzzi wasn’t working. Its aware that with the current layout some areas of the club are more redundant than they should be. Some additional toiletries in the hotel bedrooms would be most welcome, but the bedrooms are clean, the beds comfortable and the shower hot (both when we arrived and when we got up) are the most important things on our list but we were aware that if someone has an impromptu orgy in the room next door until 5am while doing their best to win the Oscar for biggest screaming and most often repeated female orgasm, then you will hear it!! (Hazard of staying over at any swingers venue really) Be aware that not all the rooms are the same, and vary in size. The club is very friendly and we do not feel its cliquey at all, the staff are always on hand to help out without being intrusive even if they do occasionally look like they are undercover for a Presidential motorcade. We have heard comments of people saying the clientele were more on the older side when we have been out elsewhere and as with any club, on some nights that might be true, not so last Saturday. An extremely youthful looking crowd were in attendance, we don’t mean to suggest that there weren’t people of all ages, there were, but they certainly looked great. There was as much socialising as there was playing and the new couples that we spoke to said for their first club experience they felt very comfortable there. Though there is still work to do at VA, this is a great club, and there’s probably only ten clubs in the UK of a similar standard. If you’re going to book a room when you visit, booking ahead is advised it’s often booked up two to three weeks ahead, but always double check last minute for cancellations. If not there’s no shortage of hotels in the area.

Jun 4 2012 11:24AM

Rating: 10

Yet again a complete triumph! Fantastic hosts as ever, great venue and amazing guests. A foray of boddies on the large and ample play bed in the spa made a sight for sore eyes…. and a wet and wild one for us gushers lol!
We have known the hosts a very long time and they have a wonderful blend of easy company, no pressure play areas and bar social buzz make this venue the best in the UK. oh yeah and …. gin girraffe! Wink xxxx

May 20 2012 4:53PM

Rating: 10

Made use of our free entry ticket (everyone who went on the 18th Feb was given free entry to the 19th Feb) after the big party the night before.

Really nice relaxed vibe, with some lovely bar snacks and nibbles and had a giggle with the staff and fellow guests on experiences of the big night previous.

Few single guys about were respectful, and from what we could see only got involved when they were asked rather than be pushy and try and intrude.

Would definitely go back on a Sunday again if doing the Saturday night previous based on our recent experience.

Mar 17 2012 5:44PM

Rating: 10

Went to VA on 18th Feb – We had co arranged and hosted the night, originally without telling VA our plans.. whoops. Thankfully they found out, and were able to plan ahead a bit.

Not realising how many people would turn up.. we had over 200 party goers, and was an outstandingly good night. Such a great atmosphere, with all age ranges and play types – everyone was just so friendly.. dont think we saw anyone left out, standing in a corner.

Hopefully we’ll arrange another.. here’s some additional feedback that we got from the night.


“This was our first visit to The VA….needless to say we ll be back. This is without doubt, the sexiest classiest club that we ve visited. Last Saturday was amazing, so many beautiful people & so great to catch up with so many that we chat too. Missblonde, please be sure to remind us of any parties that you re involved in, we ll be there if you ll have us. Thanks for a great night guys Xx ”


“First time there, wall to wall sexy peeps! We had a great time – will definately cum again! 😉 ”


“Wow, what a night…A fantastic venue & the sexiest guests!! The best possible mix. So good to meet so many sexy friends from the site. Roll on the next one. ”


“First time at TVA, had a great time, super venue!”


“This night had it all,wall to wall sexy peeps,great venue and fab atmos,bring on the next one! xx “

Mar 17 2012 5:43PM


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