Twist is an on-premise private party which caters to lifestyle couples who wish to share adult intimacy in the San Francisco Bay Area. The club encourages members to explore all aspects of sensual pleasure and human sexuality by providing a positive, non-threatening forum for discussion, communication and meetings. The intent of Twist is to promote and facilitate gatherings to explore, exchange and share in various human sexual behaviors in a safe, discreet and non-judgmental way. Whether you seek to participate or observe, Twist provides the venue in which open minded people can meet like minded people for on-premises adult fun.


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Twist Plus Party

San Francisco, CA, United States

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Twist Private Party

San Francisco, CA, United States

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Alcohol Sold, Food Available, On Premises, Dance Floor, Fetish Room, Outside Area, Massage Area, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Smoking Area, Private Rooms, Private Lockers, All Inclusive, BYOB, Dark Room, Glory Hole


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Rating: 10

We went to Twist for the first time, and it as amazing! We showed up at 11:30 after taking a quick drink of courage before heading in. The main entrance is right next door to a pretty popular night club, so walking up to Twist’s door felt a little embarrassing like buying your first codoms. But we saw two other couples walking up the street with purpose, so we found strength in numbers and followed them in. Check in was a breeze, everyone was extremely nice and welcoming. We had a few more drinks and joined the club’s dance floor and found it liberating to be able to dance as sexy as we do at home. We saw all shapes and sizes in the dance floor which was reassuring. We found a cozy spot to take a break and started making out heavily. He pulled up my dress, exposing my ass and panties to the room, felt exhilarating!

After about 30minutes, the dance floor cleared out and everyone was by the lockers stripping down to go to the large playroom. My husband peeled my dress off of me, but kept my boots on. He got naked and we both headed back.

Being brand new, we were expecting a few private rooms were small crowds could watch and maybe join us by themselves next to us. More mellow I guess. What we saw was easily a 100 person orgy! We were like “That escalated quickly!”

We joined in on the fun and didn’t hold back from each other at all! It was without a doubt some of the hottest sex we’ve ever had, lasting nearly 2 hours. Seriously!

We didn’t engage with others too much, more just putting on a show. But there was one cute couple that we had been looking at all night, and near the end we got to play right next to them! She was bent over the couch face towards us as I rode my husband. I asked to kiss her and we made out while our men took care of us. Needless to say, neither me nor my husband lasted much longer after that encounter!

We finished up, grabbed our stuff and have been laughing and talking about it nearly non-stop all day.

Mar 7 2018 1:40PM

Rating: 10

When we first climbed the steps to this club, we didn’t know what to expect…it turns out to be the sexiest club you could want to fulfill all your fantasies!
The play rooms remind you of 1001 Arabian nights with all the sexy couples around making sweet beautiful sounds of lovemaking.
In the front the DJ spins very cool dance music and the pole was always occupied by a beautiful sexy female dancer!
The owners are Divine and treat all the guests with great friendliness; we had a great night and would recommend this club as a must to all San Francisco visitors and residents

Jul 15 2015 4:49PM

Rating: 8

Club Twist is a very unique and sexy environment, if you’re visiting San Francisco you must visit this cool retro design club!
The playrooms are very clean and surrounded by sexy people we had the time of our lives. It began with a
masseur for the ladies rubbing hot oil into their naked bodies and all warmed up we moved to the playroom next door…super hot!

Apr 8 2013 11:44PM

Rating: 8

nice club, very welcoming. night club feel.lots of room in playrooms, also gives massages. has a quit room for talking to people you meet. we had lots of fun.in playroom lots of touching without asking is the only thing we didn”t expect.

Jul 25 2011 2:38PM

Rating: 8

We are not new to the lifestyle, we are in fact party hosts ourselves. We have attended Twist and found it to be as others have said a beautiful place. To keep this place this nice takes a lot of work. The bathrooms are the bomb, off the hook nice. But all parties are different, different people make different parties. This party has a young sexy base group, they set the tone of the party. We were older also, not the group standard. This would be an excelent party for you to go with another couple if you are over 35 or not HWP. It is a nice club but you need to bring your own playmates. If enough show up you might make new friends. If not you can have a ball watching the younger beautiful people have fun sex while you do. Is that better than any other $ amount in San Fran.
Bob and Nan

Mar 28 2009 10:52PM

Rating: 8

New to the swinging lifestyle, Twist was the 2nd club I attended. The hosts were friendly. The club was spotless. The food was great and the couples room upstairs beautifully appointed. There’s a corner room that gives the sensation of doing it outdoors because you can hear all the street noises and pedestrians outside. It was rather naughty and exciting at the same time. However, my biggest complaint about this experience was the non-stop gawkers. It became distracting and the guy I was with rushed me at the end and said they weren’t watching, they wanted the room. Who needs to be rushed after having an orgasm? Gee.

Feb 1 2009 5:28PM

Rating: 8

We have been swingers for over 20 years did enjoy our evening overall but we were the exception. The club is very nice with great decorating and should have been perfect if it wasn’t for a few things. We are an older couple (high forties) good looking and in great shape (firm tummies etc) and most think we are in our thirties. I think we were the oldest couple there. Honestly, we looked better than most of the younger couples there. We were hit on by several younger men that seem to have lost thier ladies along the way or they were not wanting to play and just wanted to watch. The ladies we tried to get to know looked at us (and our age) and decided to move on. We did have a good time with some of the over 30s but others our age didn’t seem to have any luck at all. If you are under thirty-five I am sure you would have a great time but if you are over 35, even if you are in great shape, forget it.

Oct 23 2008 8:20AM


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