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Swinger Club Vintage
February 14, 2019

ABOUT Swinger Club Vintage It is necessary to pre-register for a party. Registration is starting at 4pm at the day of the party. Russian-speaking phone number for pre-registration: +7-499-499-25-03 English-speaking phone number for pre-registration: +7 (916) 705-88-99 Rules Swinger club “Vintage” is one of the biggest swinger clubs in Moscow. Moreover, it’s for sure the...

Terra Project
February 14, 2019

ABOUT Terra Project Imagine a place where pure mountain air saturated with aromas of flowers, where the fresh wind is singing the song of freedom, where the green leaves whispering erotic desire, and beautiful women bare their bodies to give them the gentle rays of the sun. Presented? But that’s not all! Imagine the most...